FRENDU Vertalingen


Welcome to the website of FRENDU Translations, a young, enthusiastic and motivated translation agency specialised in translations from Dutch, French, English, German and Esperanto to Dutch, French and English. Thanks to available knowledge of makeup and programming languages such as HTML, XHTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript and VBScript, FRENDU Translations can also provide full website localisation or translation of Office documents containing macros that are to be translated.

FRENDU Vertalingen provides an individual approach to each translation project in order to deliver tailor made solutions for all translation projects and their follow-up. For example, if you own a web shop and wish to attract customers from abroad, we can not only translate your website, but also any other documents such as invoices, standard letters, and terms and conditions. We can also help you to handle email from foreign customers once the website has been translated. Everything is tailor made to ensure that your project has the best chance of success.

Aside from the obvious translation projects, FRENDU also offers other linguistic services, such as proofreading translated texts, interpreting, localisation of websites and software packages and editing. In short, for all your needs regarding languages and translations, FRENDU is your perfect partner.

Language Skills

Since 1999 I've worked in various international companies where flawless communication in several languages was a clear necessity. I would converse by phone and email with clients from all over Europe in Dutch, English, French and German, and would regularly translate documents so technical teams in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East could cooperate. My French has further developed itself when I lived and worked in France for many years. Esperanto is the odd one out. One day this pan-European language caught my attention, and I learned it in just one week. Since then I regularly converse with Esperantists from around the world to maintain my skills.

  • Dutch - native (source and target language)
  • French - near native (source and target language)
  • English - near native (source and target language)
  • German - fluent (source language)
  • Esperanto - good (source language)

Translating into non-native languages, isn't that unprofessional?

Of course not! Many translation agencies claim that they only have their translations done by native speakers of the target language to make sure that the translation is perfect. There is of course a grain of truth in this. Anybody who's purchased a cheap (or even more expensive) electric or electronic device knows that the translation of the manual is all too often often of very poor quality. But that does not mean that all translations into non-native languages are of poor quality. Just look at this website, entirely translated by FRENDU. By looking at the French and English versions, you would not be able to tell that they were made by a non-native speaker of those languages.

There is (almost) nobody who has Latin, classical Greek, Esperanto or, to take a side track, Klingon as their native language. Yet there are people who can provide brilliant translations into those languages. The key to a good translation is first and foremost a perfect understanding of the source text, and in second position a solid knowledge of the grammar, vocabulary and general usage of the target language. In third position, but not the least important, comes practice. What's more, FRENDU can provide an added service of having the translation proofread by another translator who's a native speaker of the target language to ensure a perfect result.


FRENDU Translations' main expertise is technical translations, especially in the IT domain. Completed projects include manuals for software and electrical devices, as well as car brochures, web sites, and documents pertaining to the distribution of water in developing countries.

Pricing and services

The final price for a translation doesn't only depend on the number of words to be translated. The price per word also depends on the difficulty of the source text, the amount of repetitions in the text, the file type of the source text and other factors. Generally, you can expect a price per word of around €0.08. If you would like to receive a detailed price quote for your translation job, please send the files to be translated to, and you'll receive a price quote on short notice.

Translation Credit

Various customers have already discovered the advantages of the Translation Credit offered by FRENDU Vertalingen. The client pre-purchases a translation credit of 1,000, 2,000 or 5,000 words. Small translations are then paid for using this credit. Customers who regularly have short texts to be translated, such as news items or website updates, have found this to be a very cost effective method, since it cuts down on administration time and avoids the minimal fee for translations.

Test Translations

A test translation is a translation of a small part (less than 400 words) of your source text so you can verify that the quality of my translations meets your expectations of what should be expected from a professional translator. Based on the test translation you can make an informed decision about whether you will submit your project to FRENDU.

For projects of 5,000 words or more FRENDU can provide a test translation free of charge. For smaller projects a small fee of €10.00 will be invoiced for delivering a test translation, but this will be credited when you submit your project to FRENDU.

What document types do we translate?

Almost anything, but our specialities are:
- Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
- OpenOffice documents (OpenDocument format)
- Websites (PHP, HTML)
- Surcharges apply for the translation of paper documents, PDF documents or graphical files (JPEG, GIF, etc.)


FRENDU Vertalingen uses CAT Tools (Computer Assisted Translation Tools) to improve its services. The Open Source CAT tool OmegaT+ is used for OpenDocument files, HTML and PHP. For Microsoft Office documents the renowned WordFast CAT tool is used. The advantage of using CAT tools is that they create a database of all translations that have been done, guaranteeing consistency across an entire translation project. Using the Translation Memory created by these tools, documents with a high occurrence of repetitions can be translated more quickly and efficiently, and thus cheaper.


- Delivery of documents preferably by email, but by mail is possible as well. If you wish to receive the translated documents in the mail you will be charged for the shipping fees.
- All information about our clients, as well as the texts delivered to and by FRENDU will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.
- When a text is used for the portfolio, it will be anonimised by removing any references to names, brands, places, dates, etc. If you do not wish your text to be added to my portfolio, please declare this beforehand.
- Before commencing the project the client will receive a price quote, which must be accepted in writing (by email or mail).
- If a project that has been agreed upon is cancelled, any hours already spent on the project will be invoiced according to the hourly rate, taking into account the minimal fee.
- All price quotes are provisional, pending verification of the information given to FRENDU Translations by the client. If the information provided by the client is found to be incomplete or incorrect, a new price quote will be issued. If this new price quote is not accepted by the client it will be treated as an aborted project as described above and any hours already spent on the project will be invoiced according to the hourly rate, taking into account the minimal fee.
- Upon delivery of the translated documents, the client will receive an invoice, which must be paid within 14 days after delivery, preferably by bank transfer but other payment methods can be accepted too (cash, PayPal, ...)
- In case of late payment, the client may be liable to collection fees calculated in accordance with Dutch law.


In line with the GDPR, FRENDU Translations guarantees that all data you provide us will be treated with absolute confidentiality. Personal data will only be used in so far as this is necessary in order to do the work that was agreed and to do the necessary administration. Your data will not be transmitted to any third party without your prior consent.