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Welcome to the website of FRENDU Translations, a small scale, flexible translation agency specialised in technical translations (such as websites, apps, manuals and training documents) from Dutch, French, English and German into Dutch, French and English.

Our individual approach of each project ensures that FRENDU Translations can offer bespoke solutions to all your translation projects. Are you facing a linguistic challenge? Then send an e-mail to to find out what we can do for you.

Language Skills

Since 1999, I've worked at international companies that required flawless communication skills in several languages. My daily work required me to converse with clients on the phone and by e-mail in Dutch, French, English and German. I also translated technical documents so engineering and support teams across the globe could work together efficiently. A stay of several years in France has allowed me to further develop my French language skills.

Translating to a non-native language?

Many translation agencies say that translators should only translate to their native languages. There definitely is more than a grain of truth in that, especially when literary works or legal texts are involved. But for most every-day texts like websites, apps, manuals and training documents, this is definitely not a requirement. When translating such documents to English, for example, it is often even better to not translate them to perfect British English, but to so-called "International English" instead: a version of English that holds a middle ground between British and American English in such a way that as many people from around the world can perfectly understand the text, whether they are native or non-native English speakers.


Obviously, consistency is key. To achieve consistency in my translations, I use a so-called CAT Tool (Computer Assisted Translation). It's an application that helps translators to keep their translations consistent by building a database of sentences that have already been translated to be used as references for further translation of similar sentences. The tool also makes sure that the mark-up of the document is maintained, so the translated document visually looks exactly like the original. On FRENDU Translations' price quotes, you will always find two items: "new words" and "repetitions and tags", where repetitions and tags have a much lower fee.

Document Formats

We can translate documents of many different formats, but our specialities are:

For scanned documents, PDF documents, graphical elements (JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc.) and other texts that aren't computer readable, additional fees will be charged.

Pricing & Services

The price for a translation is of course mostly determined by the length of the text, calculated by word count. The final price per word can vary depending on the technical difficulty of the text, the file type, the repetition percentage and other factors. In general, you can expect a price between €0.08 and €0.10 per word, excl VAT. For a price quote, free of charge and without obligations, please send the documents that you need to have translated to We will send you a detailed price quote as soon as possible. Our minimum fee for any translation job is €50, and the minimum delivery time is 1 week. If faster delivery is required, urgency fees will be charged.

Translation Credit

When you often have small texts to be translated, for example news items, descriptions of new products for your web shop or small updates for your web site, you can use our translation credit system. You purchase a pre-paid translation credit of 1,000, 2,000 or 5,000 words, which is used for the translation of such small jobs. This allows you to get around the minimum fee of €50, and also have a faster return time, because we strive to deliver such small jobs within one business day.

Test Translations

A test translation is a translation of a small part (fewer than 400 words) of your source text that you can use to verify the quality of work delivered by FRENDU Translations. For projects of 5,000 words and over, a test translation is free of charge and without obligations. For smaller projects, we will charge €20 for the test translation, which will be credited on the final invoice for the translation.


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In accordance with the GDPR, FRENDU Translations certifies that all data you hand us will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Personal data will only be used for purposes necessary for executing the contracted tasks and for the administration thereof. No data will be transferred or sold to third parties without your express prior consent.

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